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Difference in Evo-one and Evo-all for 2012 ford focus?

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When I input information for vehicle (2012 Ford Focus, auto). The Evo-All and Evo-one were 2 products that came up.  I don't understand what the difference between this 2 are for my application?  I just want to be able to start the car using the OEM 3X lock function, so do I go with the EVO-All or Evo-One module?  Your description say's that the EVO-One module is N/A for standalone but diagram and programming for it indicates it can be a standalone option?
asked May 7 in Ford by michael duong (220 points)

1 Answer

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If your vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission then the evo-all would do the trick for 3x lock start.


You will also need the flash link updater to configure and flash the module for your vehicle.


Optional t-harnesses are available:


answered May 8 by Derek (151,790 points)
Does the thar-fort1 and thar-fort4 only applies to ford focuses that are standard key only?  I have a PTS button.  I did get a chance to call tech support and they told me that the Evo-one will work as well on the vehicle, can you please confirm?


Thank you!

The t-harnesses only work on the key models not the pts. 


Yes, evo-all will work. 


This would be the installation guide for 3 lock with evo-all:




**please note: as stated on the website "FUNCTIONAL ON VEHICLES WITH KEYPORT ON STEERING COLUMN"



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