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2011 RDX Drivers door unlocks after remote start.

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Im trying to figure out what setting I need to make the drivers door lock after the remote start.


Currently it unlocks after the engine is started. All of the other doors lock.


2011 Acura RDX T-harness installed EVO
asked Apr 18, 2019 in Acura by CALVIN CLAESSON (130 points)

1 Answer

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let me know if connecting the wires to the ones we spoke of fixes your issue.
answered Apr 18, 2019 by Derek (182,540 points)
Made some progress, found out my wires were too small for the connectors and not making connection. After fixing this, I manually cycled the Light blue output and the white /black output.

The drivers door is still not locking after remote start and the remote is not working like it should, locking or unlocking the doors.

I do have a 3 flash parking light error that I am trying to figure out now.

3 flash means ready mode not enabled. Did you cut the loop?


For the door locks, I would suggest a master reset of the module,  (https://www.wirecolor.com/en/qa/50193/faq-how-do-i-reset-my-evo-all?show=50193#q50193) then re enable the options C1, D2 and 38.2. Then re program the module in the vehicle and re test. 


If that doesnt work give us a ring back at 1-877-336-7797 Mon-Fri 8-6.