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2018 Dodge journey, on programming procedure step 6 the light will not change from yellow to red, all wire are good

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On a 2018 Dodge Journey, I can not get an evo all to work. on the programming procedurs step 6 the light will not change from yellow to red, check all the wires, flash the module with the flasher and put the firmware 74.32, didn't work, the programmer was suggesting the firmware 74.18, try it didn't work. Updated the flasher and flash all the firmare again and didn't work. I check all the wires one by one and they were good.

Need help please
asked Apr 11, 2019 in Dodge by GESSLER SOBALVARRO (130 points)
edited Apr 11, 2019 by GESSLER SOBALVARRO

1 Answer

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-Make sure you are programming with no battery in the fob.

-When you turn the ignition on with the oem fob at step 6, verify the yellow wire on the 20 pin connector of the evo has voltage.

-Also make sure the lt.blue and lt.blue/black wires are connected.
answered Apr 11, 2019 by derek ! (277,110 points)
I try both fob with no batteries, I have 10 volts on the yellow wire, and both lt. blue and lt. blue/black wires are connected. i went trough the installation guide several times checking each wire and steps, but no luck. the saller said that if you determed that the module is bad they will replace it. if there is something else to check please let me know

thank you
Are you able to start the car with no batteries in the fob?
Not able to start the car.  do you think the module is bad?
No the evo is not bad.


Make sure when you are trying to start it normally with no batteries in the fob that the red connector is plugged into the evo.

If it still does not start, this means the passive chip in your OEM remote(s) was never programmed by the dealer, which explains why the evo won't program as we use the passive anti theft system to start the car and program.

Return to dealer and have all fobs properly programmed to the car.
I ordered another module and the fobs all ok, installed it and now I am stuck on step 10, the blue light will not flash rapidly, stays off I wait for the ligh for 20 minutes and nothing happen re check with a meter the can high and the can low there is a good connection I used the OBD II connection because I can't find the CAN junction block and there are 1.29 volts on each wire

the programmer suggesting firmware 74.38, I look for the 74.32 and is not there

I don't know what else I can do

please help
If the blue led does not flash, verify the ignition and can hi and can lo connections.

These are the wires that will make the blue led blink.


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