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evo ride wiring says to yellow goes to ignition to car

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09 ford e350 van trying to install compustar cs700 with evo ride module

with 3 or higher hardware,preloaded all in one firmware no key required.Using connection 2 It says connect

yellow wire to ignition which one ignition 1, pats ignition, purple/white wire goes to pats rx data at transponder pin3

connector and yellow/black wire goes to pats tx data at transponder pin 4 any help would be appreciated thanks.
asked Apr 8, 2019 in Ford by JOHN CARLSON (190 points)

1 Answer

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whats the issue?
answered Apr 8, 2019 by Derek (178,310 points)
So if it does not remote start the key in the barrell,i assume the unit is faulty.Vehicle starts fine on its own.
No, this would mean that you have an issue with your cs700 either in the configuration/setp up or the wiring of the cs700 module to the vehicle.
Definitely not in the hook up followed to the tee,doubled checked and triple checked according to the wiring diagrams from this web site wire color.Could be with the cm600 module, I will test that on a vehicle where a bypass is not needed.
With evoride module UNPLUGGED from the vehicle, this vehicle HAS to remote start with an OEM key inserted in the ignition barrel,

if it does not, you WILL need to check your connections on your compustar module  to the vehicle.
Without the bypass module even connected. Your remote starter should be able to remote start the vehicle when the key is in the barrel. If it does not, the last step of programming the evo-ride will not work.


2 master keys are required to program the module. A cloned key will not work. All aftermarket bypass units utilise the OEM procedure to program. On these vehicles, the BCM absolutely needs to see 2 master keys. (see vehicles owners manual key programming)


specific to the EVO-RIDE programming, Step 2, need press 2 times on the programming for 40 bit keys.