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2014 Audi Q5 evo-all T-harness invalid key data (dcryptor step)

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2014 Audi Q5 w/ keyport. Evo-all with t-harness sofware 60.02 loaded suggested options C1, D2, D6.

Using installion guide 77161, following steps. Leds lightup as stated in steps 1-8. During dcryptor step, states "invalid key data". I reset module and tried again with same message "invalid key data" during dcryptor step.

Looking for suggestions to get dcryptor step accomplished.
asked Apr 3 in Audi by MaddMan (250 points)
edited Apr 3 by MaddMan

1 Answer

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Perhaps it was a bad acquisition. Wipe it out and try again.


Master reset, re program in vehicle, then re send the data.
answered Apr 4 by Derek (156,590 points)
selected Apr 9 by Robb
I tried and was successful. I wondered if the Dcrytor might not be functioning correctly.