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EVO ALL won't start 2014 Lexus RX-350 PTS

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EVO-ALL responds to LOCK-LOCK-LOCK from OEM remote, but doesn't start car.  Unit cycles through some relay closures, but the car does not respond.

Installed EVO-ALL using guide  76891. Hard wired to the connection points.

Firmware updated to 79.51

Options D1.10 (Lock-lock-lock), C1 (OEM remote monitoring)

C6 (PTS).

Tried both D2 enabled and dis-enabled - same symptom

Module programmed successfully. Parking lights respond to unit.

After a remote start attempt while in the car, if you open the door, the alarm goes off.

EVO-ALL S/N 001A07000662


How should I troubleshoot what's wrong?
asked Apr 1, 2019 in Lexus by Hank Margolis (130 points)

1 Answer

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Does the blue led flash once on every lock press?

Does the red led turn on after pressing 3xlock? or does it flash 1 to 5 times?
answered Apr 1, 2019 by Robb (240,840 points)
The blue light flashes once on every lock press.

The red light turns on after pressing 3xlock. The blue light comes back on (twice) and then red flashes three times and then shuts down.
ok, so it's trying to start your vehicle.

Two things too look at now.


Does ignition turn on?

If yes, you will want to verify the Steering Lock connections. This is what allows the car to crank.

If no, either the vehicle is equipped with a Factory remote starter or there is an issue with Rx - Tx connections.
The ignition does not turn on (the dash does not light) and the engine does not crank.

The vehicle is not equipped with a factory remote starter (I disconnected the unit and tried the OEM key sequence to confirm.)

TX (light blue) to light green on 30 pin black connector.

RX (light blue black stripe) is connected to pink on 30 pin connector.

Yellow to Ignition to black on steering lock connector

White red stripe to Steering Lock on steering lock connector

(the car's alarm red light still flashes while the unit is trying to start the car.)

just to recap,

  • disable D2
  • enable settings protection
  • flash 79.49
  • reset evo
  • reprogramme evo


wanted to add, check light blue and light blue/black in the evo 20-pin connector just to be sure they are not reversed. .. light blue/black is on the same row as the yellow wire.


Dont remote start while sitting in the car with the remote.

I completed all the steps above and reconfirmed TX RX connections. Still does not start.

With a logic probe, here's what I see:


Steerling Lock

on PTS: normally high, goes low on start

on RS: normally high, goes low on start attempt



on PTS: normally high, goes low on crank, returns to high

on RS: normally high, pulses low, but does not hold on RS attempt. Tries 3 times


RX (lt blue black)

on PTS: normally low, pulses once strongly on start

on RS: normally low, pulses weakly (probe pulse LED does not illuminate brightly or for very long)


TX (lt blue)

on PTS: normally high, pulses once strongly on start

on RS: normally high, pulses weakly on start attempt
Thanks for your help on this. I finally got the car starter to work. One of the splice connectors I used hadn't made a good connection on Can-


(The starter had programmed even with this connection not working.)


Thanks again.