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EVO-ONE programs but will not start remote start on 2012 Optima PTS.

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Unit firmware was updated with Flash-Link for 2012 KIA Optima 2012 PTS and recommended options were selected and save. Programmed correctly but will not remote start. The module flashes Blue LED for each press of the lock button on OEM remote, Red LED comes on then goes out, the door lock opens and then locks with another flash of the Blue LED. Engine does not crank. I checked all the wire connections for continuity with multi meter and verified the connections per the installation guide # 46311.
asked Mar 20, 2019 in Kia by Robert Parman (130 points)

1 Answer

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Verify hood is not open.

Also that the module is not in valet mode.

Make sure hood pin iwre on evo one is not grounded.
answered Mar 20, 2019 by Derek (173,450 points)
Thank you for your quick response. I do not have a hood pin installed. Is it possible that the unit could be in valet mode if I have not yet installed the valet switch?
Also, I forgot to state that the hood was closed at all time during testing.

You were EXACTLY correct. I had completed the install correctly and for some reason the valet mode was activated. I noticed that there was a red light showing next to the programming button. I attached the valet switch, followed the procedure and saw that the red light was no longer illuminated. Bingo, I attempted the 3x start and it worked perfectly. This is a great product, installation was outlined perfectly in the guide and easy to perform.