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EVO-ALL GM1 v2. no engine start. 2012 GMC Terrain, red led blink more then 5 times

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i did programing, wiring are good i think, my RF remote and ome remote working good with lock and unlock, when i try to remote start blue led blinks 3 times, and red led bkinks more then 5 times acc turn on, door locked but no crank, after some second yellow led comes and quicky goes, i did master reset also, i did programing also, but no success. plz help me im trying to fix remote star from long time, there is 12v also on yellow wire from 20 pin connector when engin running, i tried with Lt.blue/black and Lt blue connected and without it.
asked Mar 19, 2019 in GMC by ajay kumar (190 points)

1 Answer

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As stated in the guide (http://fortin.ca/download/63371/evo-all_ig_tsa_bi_gm1_lacrosse_regal_verano_c_63371.pdf)


Please flash 4.12 into the evo and splice lt.blue onto lt.blue/black on the evo's 20 pin connector. (page 7).


Then teset the module, if it still wont start, re program the evo including dcryptor process.
answered Mar 20, 2019 by Derek (191,280 points)
its working now, thanks

but i cannot change any kind of setting.its shows grey. and my two waycompustar prime remote start doing every thing but doesnt show status. can u plz help. one more thing i have noticed when i do remote start coil under  the key drum gets hot, i dont know its normal or not. thanks in advance.
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