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2006 Buick Rendezvous remote starter - Where do all of these ignition wires go?

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I am installing a Compustar CS800s with a Fortin INT-SL+ in my '06 Rendezvous.



The Compustar has a green igniton wire that I currently have hooked up to the green ignition wire on the car. The compustar also has a blue wire that you can decide it's function with a jumper. Default is Ignition 2. I have not connected this anywhere. Do I need this on my car? If so, where does it connect and do I need to move the jumper?


The Fortin unit has a pink ignition wire which I thought would go to the pink ignition wire in the ignition harness of my car, but I see 3 pink wires in the harness. Which one is it? Is there a way for me to test the wires to see which it is?

asked Mar 18, 2019 in Buick by Dustin Taylor (260 points)
edited Mar 18, 2019 by Dustin Taylor

1 Answer

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You are supposed to test every wire you are connecting to with a digital multimeter to make sure you are connecting the correct wire from the remote starter to the vehicle.
answered Mar 19, 2019 by JM (61,720 points)


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