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EVO-ONE Installation on VW Jetta 2005.5

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Please clarify how we proceed to read a VW original key with wire around it and connected to the evo-one 6 pin port.

Do we have to remove the battery?

Do we have to connect all the wires to the car before we proceed to read the key and get a blue constant light.

Your picture shows evo-one with only one 6 pin harness connected at the reset is this correct?.

Is it possible to get pictures of installation for Jetta 2005.5 so I can wire the car properly.

I have defficulty choosing installation for the Jetta 2005.5 evo-one connections and pictures.

To get to the tranponder wires and cut one of them do I have to remove the steering wheel or is any other location.

Plese answer my questions so I can proceed to install evo-one without issues.

Thanks in advance

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asked Mar 16, 2019 in Volkswagen by Peter Terzopoulos (160 points)
closed Mar 20, 2019 by Derek

1 Answer

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Yes you must remove battery from the OEM fob.

Yes all wires must be connected correctly before proceding with the installation.

All the pictures available are the one shown here https://www.wirecolor.com/en/vehicles/volkswagen_jetta_(2002-2005)/

No there is no other place to get transponder wire.


This is not an easy vehicel to work with, professional installation is highly recommended.
answered Mar 17, 2019 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (57,610 points)

Many thanks.

I will proceed prepairing  the car so I can test the device.

I installed a new ECU that is the problem I have Immobilizer error.

The old Ecu was ok but had many mulfuctions.

It will take me a while and I will post here my results.


I have some news.

I took the driving wheel out and I had  a look at the key I have only one inch to make the cut.

I look behind the key and I see no big hurness like the 2005 jetta pictures.

So I download the 2006 jetta and it looks the same like my car.

I look the fisrst pictures #2 and #3 I do not see anything simillar in my car.

Is any one having an Idea how to locate the pictures #2 and #3. plese let me know

I have all the chassis open ecept the alarm module that is to the right of to steering wheel.

I will imaging that the lenth of the cables can not go far from the drivers aeria.

I just do not know how to power the Evo One pictures #2 and #3 are not vaid for the car.

I opened also the small fuses harness to look , I found no much.

The car will stay like this until I find a good solution.

Thanks in advance.

"I installed a new ECU that is the problem I have Immobilizer error"


- The evo will not fix or replace your immobilizer system. 


The Evo-One supose to fix the immobilzer.

I will find out the hard way when I will be able to installed it.

Can you answer the question that I have Jetta 2005.5 or 2006 Picture #2 and #3 of the installation procedure.

Where is the location, is it by engine relay box buttom big plugs.


"The Evo-One supose to fix the immobilzer."


- No, the evo WILL NOT FIX your immobilizer. 

If you car currently does not start and run normally and function as it should then there is no point in installing an evo into the vehicle. 


Why then they have a procedure to rup the key with a wire and get a constant blue led by reseting the EVO-ONE with the reset button.

The evo is a remote starter, that is to be used in a 100% properly functioning vehicle for the sole purpose of remote start.


It is not a permanent immo bypass, nor will it fix broken ecu immobilizer systems.


I will install it to see what it does.

The car is in pieces and I do not use it.

I can not find the power connections from picture # 2, is not possible to find any similar image in the car and whever took the picture forgot to tell us where is the location.


To the administrator of this web please correct the above statment.


Best of luck.
Thank you.

I do this for anyone else that will face this problem.

I hope the administrator of this web will fix the issue of the installation instractions of EVO-ONE.