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CLK, DATA and SYNCH connections

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I started installing my EV-ONE on my 2004 Toyota Camry LE and got almost everything hooked but have hit a wall. My car does not have a transponder key so I am at a loss for where these connections are made. I was able to locate the blue KEYSENSE wire and hook that up but there are no DATA, CLK or SYNCH wires. My other question is, since I don't have to program the bypass module to recognize the key, do I still have to hold down the button while I plug everything in?

Thanks in advance!

To clarify, I need to know which wires I need to hook D1,D3,D4,D6 and A9, A10 and A20 up to. It would help if I knew what "CLK", "DATA" and "SYNCH" stood for as far as the function.
asked Mar 16 in Toyota by charlie holubeck (190 points)
edited Mar 17 by charlie holubeck

1 Answer

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You can skip the whole "D" connector, A9,A10,A20. Also you don't have to hold down the button when you plug the 6 pin connector in.
answered Mar 17 by Mike M (7,540 points)
Did you program the remotes to the module?
That's problem, I can't get the module to respond to any input. The LED on the antenna isn't even coming on. I can't enable/disable valet mode which at first I thought was the problem. So until I can figure out how to wake up the module once it's in the car and hooked up, I'm at a standstill.
When you connect antenna, you should have a quick flash of the blue led on the antenna right after you plug it in. Do you have this flash ?


I'm thinking your module have no power or ground.
No flash on the antenna led, the module has power because when I hook up the wiring harnesses, the red blue and yellow leds will flash 25 times. I have double checked all of my connections and they are good. Since I don't need the bypass, when I programmed it with the flash link, I turned all of those options off.
So if the antenna does not give a really quick flash when the connector is inserted it is not receiving power.


You should triple check your connections since this is not normal behavior.


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