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Evo-all telematics won't relearn

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I have an ASCL6 that received an over the air firmware update to address an issue with displaying runtime. I've been instructed to relearn the module to the EVO-ALL. The red and blue lights are supposed to flash once to confirm it has been learned, but this doesn't happen. Is there a way to reset the EVO-ALL to defaults? Or reset the telematic part?
asked Mar 11, 2019 in Audi by ADAM COMISKEY (710 points)

1 Answer

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Send a lock command if their autolearn is not working at the end of the pairing procedure. This will get the red and blue to flash once.
answered Mar 12, 2019 by Robb (241,260 points)
Thanks Robb, they had recommended that also and it doesn't work either.
Are all three lights on on the EVO when ignition is on during programming?


This is the reset procedure: http://fortin.ca/en/download/61931/61931.pdf
Yes, when I press the ignition, the yellow lights up so all 3 are lit. But, the red and blue never do the single flash.
module is just waiting for some type of signal at that point. Double check the app too in case the protocol within the app changed after the OTA update.