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2019 Ram 1500 push to start Unable to get past step 6 blue led will not stop flashing when Start/Stop button is pressed to turn off ignition.

VIN: 1C6RREFT6KN568083

Hardware version is 6.0  

Firmware version is 63.[01]  

flash limit 2/8  

Have tested contunity on all leads for completeness, wires are in the correct place and not incorectly tied.  

Flash Link  

Hardware version 4.0  

Firmware version 4.[05]



I have tried pressing unlock on oem remote when blue is flashing and ignition is off.

Outcome: Truck responds by unlocking doors and blue led is still flashing rapidly.  


I have tried resetting the unit and attempted to program. I also toggled push to start on and attempted to program as well.


Outcome: I am still Unable to get past step 6 blue led will not stop flashing when Start/Stop button is pressed to turn off ignition.

I am still unable to get past step 6.


Fortin, what are the proper channels I can use to esclate this matter further. It has been several months of back and forth with no progress. I feel the only other way to get through to you would be by sharing my emabrising expierence on social media platforms. Before I do let me ask one last time...please help. 




Dylan Davila



asked Mar 9, 2019 in Ram by Dylan Davila (290 points)

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Your VIN is most likely not recognized.


Please make sure you reflash. I see your last flash on 12-29-2018.  The firmware was updated to inlcude new vins on 01-11-2019


EDIT... Make sure to follow latest connection guide too..: http://fortin.ca/download/73421/evo-all_ig_tsa_bi_chr6-ram_2018_pts_a_73421.pdf


answered Mar 11, 2019 by Robert T (284,490 points)
selected Mar 24, 2019 by Dylan Davila

Thank you, 


This was the issue I was having. After the reflash I was able to complete the programming procedure with no issues. Everything seems to work as designed. 


Robb, I feel like there’s something to be learned from on both sides here. 


The problem here was when I would connect my Evo to my computer; in the firmware section it would display in green, with a checkmark “Recommended firmware is loaded 63.[01]”.  


When I experienced my problems, I should have just viewed the firmware list and reflashed again regardless of a green firmware box. I reset several times and tested continuity dozens it only makes sense to reflash after that. That was my mistake.


However; I had put my trust in this software, and the development behind it, I trusted that a green firmware box was a source of truth (a mistake I will not make again) and operated as if my firmware was fine.


To add more confusion, I find out that 63.[01] has been updated


 The new update 63.[01] 


Respectfully, I believe this is where the matter went south.


Had there been an orange box with an exclamation point like you normally display when the recommended firmware is not loaded. There would have been no question from me and this entire 2019 Q1 disaster I had would have never existed.




Dylan Davila

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The correct channel would be to call in tech support when you are inside vehicle and ready to do some test. Make sure you appropriate tools to run some test, at least a digital multimeter.
answered Mar 9, 2019 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)
I agree; however I have called mutiple times,was on hold so long each time, just to be told because I am and individual and not a place of business I would not be serviced and to reach out to the vender I purchased the unit from for assistance (Its your product why would you tell people that?). I'm sure I have the necessary test equiptment to help figure out whats going on and would love support from you. I'm a real person of course I would dial for help, that channel Mathieu failed me as well.
Whats is the voltage on purple/yellow when you turn ignition OFF ?