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2014 RAM1500 ecodiesel PTS engen ligt on after remote start

0 votes
On last firmware my EVO-ONE + Drone Mobile when I start from drone it will kik on engen light. Was offered by support to downgrade to 74.22 firmware, after downgrade it will only flush 4 times parking light, that all. All wiring soldered and checked. Any solutions?

asked Mar 6 in Ram by Alex Pavlovski (130 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
4 flash BEFORE start is valet mode enabled.


To turn on and off valet mode, turn ignition on, then press the plug in valet button 3 times.
answered Mar 7 by Robb (202,000 points)
4 flash AFTER start is no tach... which is basically car did not start.


After changning firmware, you need to reprogram the module.
...so, you were saying after flashing that particular firmware it is in valet mode? and when I flushe any other it is not.

and it lat me flush anymore, it sayes that I reached limit. What to do with that?

What about check engen light?
flashing a firmware has nothing to do with valet mode.


changing the firmware though means you also need to reset and reprogram to unit.


You will will have to contact support@fortin.ca to have the unit reset


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