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Car tries to start when I unlock doors from rf kit

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Hello, I’ve recently installed evo-vwt1, on Passat 2018. Everything worked well, than I added rfk942, was able to program it with no problem. Now, the problem when I try to unlock the car from rf kit it tries to start the car, other than that all functions, lock, trunk and remote start, work well. Any idea of what I’ve done wrong?
asked Feb 27 in Volkswagen by Yevgeniy Yakubov (130 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
What is the service number to the evo?
answered Feb 28 by Derek (145,910 points)
The service number for evo all is 001A06463838.
When you unlock the car do your brake lights turn on?
No brake lights. This is exactly what happen: it unlock twice, at the same time the dash board lights up, but no crank, car says apply brake, and than doors lock, leaving the dash on.


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