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I think programing and all wires are wired up but when the evo ones plugged in nothing happens

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None of the LEDs turns on after programming and dyrcription no remote start and no indication if the module working
asked Feb 26 in Toyota by SANG PARK (190 points)

1 Answer

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You need to enable option C1 in the bypass settings if you are trying to do 3xlock start. BUT, the website does not list 3xlock as a feature for this vehicle: http://fortin.ca/en/vehicles/subaru/brz/2017-standard-key/


If the blue led does not flash once per lock press, you cannot do 3xlock start. An RF-KIT would be required (per website).


unrelated, but you will want to turn ON option A7 so that the module properly shuts down on brake press.
answered Feb 26 by Robb (201,150 points)