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Okay, I have everything installed using a Compustar cm-900 with an INT-SL+ on a 2007 Jeep Liberty.  here's where I'm at:

  • The bypass programed as it should.
  • Remote start will start car and keep running as it should.
  • I can put the key in the car and have it takeover by turning the key to on position and pressing brake.
  • I can drive the car and shut it off with the key as it should
  • As a test I pressed the brake without the key being in the barrel and the car shut off as it should.

The issue I'm having is when I go to start the car using the key the car will start and immediately cut off.

asked Feb 19 in Jeep by calvin privott (250 points)

1 Answer

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First place too look will be the connections for the interrupted ignition wire at the immobilizer connector. Either the wires are reversed or theres a loose connection.
answered Feb 19 by Robb (216,510 points)
Might be a bad connection.  One of the wires (purple) on the Int-SL+ broke loose from the harness plug.  I gues all the twisting and pulling weakened the wire.  I ordered a new bypass which I should get by Friday.  Once the new harness is in I'll post an update.


UPDATE, 2/23.  

Had a bad bypass.  New one came in and just finished installing.  Everything is one hundred percent now.