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INT-SL+ w/2007 Jeep Liberty w/transponder key

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Installing a Compustar CM-900 1-way remote start in a 2007 Jeep Liberty w/Transponder key.  Using Fortin INT-SL+ with latest firmwar 3.06.  Cannot get bypass module to program following insructions on website.  Red light comes on and never flashes.  Can get car to remote start but without the bypass module being programed it just cuts right off.  If I leave the key in/near the ignition cylinder, car will start and keep running.  Double/triple/quadruple checked my wiring and not seeing what I'm doing wrong.  Is there somethign special I need to do with some of the wires I'm not currently using or do I need to upgrade to a different module?
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asked Feb 19 in Jeep by calvin privott (250 points)
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A couple of troubleshooting things...With the 16-PIN Connector of the INT-SL+ disconnected, meter the PINK wire of the INT-SL+ while turning the KEY ON. It should be testing as IGNITION. If you are NOT getting 12v, chances are the connection is made on the wrong side of the cut done on the transponder IGNITION wire. You will also want to verify and test connections made to DATA J1850 wire. When programming the module, make sure to wait the 60 seconds after turning the key ON. Does the vehicle have a transponder? With the remote starter wired up and programmed, start the the vehicle WITHOUT the key in the barrel. If the vehicle starts and runs, you do NOT have a transponder. You will want to UPDATE the module to firmware 0.51. We noticed that some older vehicle bodies might be 'harder' to program. We developed a firmware fix for this, you might want to try updating the module to FIRMWARE 0.55.
answered Feb 19 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,100 points)
selected Feb 19 by Robb

Thank you for your response.  Double checking the pink wire solved the programming issue.  The vehicle does have a transponder which is what I believe is causing my next problem. 

  • The Jeep will start and shut down within 2 seconds of starting.  With the key in the barrel the car will start and keep running.  When I turn the key to the on position to have it take over once the car starts and press the brake the car shuts down.

The other issue is while the car will remote start, I am unable to start the car with the key.  That is a weird one.

I feel I should add that I did not use the recommended firmware because the car does in fact have a transponder.

Apologies, After checking my wiring again, I found that I was using the wrong wire for the ignition in my particular setup.  I was using the pink/green coming out of the ignition switch instead of the pink/green coming out of the transponder.  All is well now.  Thank you for your time.