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EVO-ALL Doesn't lock unlock when input toggles

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I have a Fortin EVO-ALL.  I am using in conjunction with an Easyguard EC002 remote starter.  I have programmed the EVO-ALL as a bypass and confirmed that if I press the lock button on my factory key FOB 3X the car will start remotely.  I can also remotely start the car using the remote button on the Easyguard remote.  

However, I am having problems with the door lock/unlock.  I am unable to lock or unlock the doors with my Easyguard remote.  I can see that the door (-) LOCK and (-) UNLOCK input signals to the EVO-ALL toggle from 12V to 0V when I press the Easyguard remote button, but the doors do not lock or unlock.  Also, the trunk release does not work properly.

Do I have a software configuration problem?  Or do I possibly have a hardware problem with the EVO-ALL?
asked Feb 18, 2019 in Buick by Troy Roberts (220 points)

1 Answer

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Unit looks setup ok aside from A3 being off.

Flash firmware 70.18 and try it. Shouldnt have to reprogram it. 

answered Feb 18, 2019 by Robb (262,210 points)