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Dcryptor limit reached for this car error

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Hi i called tech support yesterday about this error Dcryptor limit reached for this car, they said it would be reset in 24 hours, is there an way i can tell if it has been done? i just tried again and got same error.

service # 001A06677670

the flash manager shows 2/8 flash limit btw

asked Feb 15, 2019 in FAQ by tom osgood (130 points)

1 Answer

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To reset the bypass side (which controls the key decryptor),hold down the programming button while plugging in the main connector. Release the button when the led turns red. Hold down button until all three leds start to alternate. Unplug unit, it is now reset.
answered Sep 8, 2019 by Daniel Scott (290 points)
that's to clear the modules programming to the car. It will not clear the Dcryptor limit nor the falsh limits. That's done by support.