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I installed the Evo-All with the T-Harness into my 2016 Chrysler 200 (push-to-start) over the weekend.  I did flash the unit beforehand with the options as indicated in the instruction manual and updated the software to the 74.[23] level recommended in the instructions.   I did NOT connect the MUX wire to the parking lights, as I am not interested in the parking light functionality. 

Programming and key decryption went entirely according to the book, and the vehicle remote-started immediately upon the initial test without difficulty.  I have also integrated a Crimestopper Teleconnect into this installation, and the smartphone app starts the vehicle, shuts it off, and lock and unlocks the doors as expected.

However, I have a few issues and I'm hoping for some insight into remedying them:

1)  The electronic driver display in the vehicle reads "Service Keyless System" immediately after the vehicle starts.  This error clears after a few seconds, but remains resident in the vehicle's memory.  This happens upon each start.

2)  The vehicle will initially start and then shut off after a few seconds.  Then it re-starts itself a few seconds later and runs for five minutes, and then shuts off.  The options flashed to the Evo-All call for it to run for 15 minutes.

3)  Attempts to re-start it are successful, but will run it for three minutes before it shuts off.

Obviously, I messed something up.  Your insights are appreciated.

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asked Feb 14, 2019 in Chrysler by Steven Krieser (500 points)
closed Feb 14, 2019 by Steven Krieser