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programming remotes for RM942

0 votes
I cant find an install guide for the RM 942 long rage rf kit.  I am installing with an evo all
asked Feb 13 in FAQ by c hansen (310 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Here is the installation guide with evo-all: http://fortin.ca/en/download/69541/69541.pdf


Here is the user guide: http://fortin.ca/en/download/69721/69721.pdf
answered Feb 13 by Derek (143,250 points)
thats what i tried thinking if must be similar to the 642 remote kits.

after following the proceedure and turning the ket off all 3 lights on the evo all would remain lit. I tried this several times and would not work.  the remote would act like it was functioning but the vehicle would not respond.

I decided to swap out for an evo one and it programmed to that just fine.

evo all service number i was working with is 001a06817282. Can that please be reset for programming into a new installation. Thank you.


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