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2009 Mazda6. Evo one , engine don’t start by remote starter

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Hi there,

I just installed the fortin one on my 2009 mazda6 with normal key ( not with start push button). I can lock/unlock the doors, I did the bypass with one key and the fortin flashlink 4. Everything seems ok just the engine not start.

when I push the button start engine on the fortin remote , the light and inside car led blinks 2 times but the engine not starting.

Its not in valet mode, I already checked.  

Also I tryed to with the key on ON position, leg on the brake, the key near the transmitter, and hit the fortin remote button but nothing happen.

If I try 2-3 times , once another, the check engine light start to blink few seconds.

On the diagram doesn’t say that I have to cut the yellow wire from fortin module.


It’s so soooooo frustrating and hard to make it work........
asked Feb 9, 2019 in Mazda by Marius pc (230 points)

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