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EVO-ALL hyundai sonata PTS 2011 i have to connect door lock to the module or not ?

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asked Feb 3 in Hyundai by AZIZ ABOUD (140 points)
edited Feb 3 by AZIZ ABOUD

1 Answer

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No you dont, according to Fortin site they are controlled by CAN which means the computer.
answered Feb 4 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,080 points)
Ok I Installed the module and program Is correctly but the car doesn’t start when I start It by push to start the yellow LED still on also when I try the remote starter I have 3 red LED flash

Thank you
Check you diodes on back of push button plug, make sure that they are install the right way. This should fix your push button issue. This install requires a RF remote and won't work with OEM remote, which RF kit do you have?
No I dont have RF kits what i have to do now ?
No looking into it more looks like it should 3x lock start with OEM fob.
Double check your wires https://fortin.ca/download/83331/evo-all_ig_sal_bi_kia-sonata_2011-2014_pts_a_83331.pdf What options did you set D1.10 and C1? Firmware? Did you get through the programming? Does the car even try to start?
I insttaled the RIRMWARE 76.31 and the hardware is 6.0

the car looks like want to start when i try the remote starter the door open then lock and braks light go on but it doesnt open the ignation switch  and no crank all the wirs are ok exactly like the insttalation guide and the moduale is programed curictly


thank you very much  Anthony