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Now that I have my EVO ALL with THARNESS working on to the next step adding a EVO_START2 with a RFA2A adapter. The install diagrams are really not good, the antenna cable has 2 ends and a ING+ yellow wire. The RFA2A has 3 connectors and red black for power that is not needed???So which connector goes to what? The diagram really suck SORRY FORTIN. I think you have female and male connector mislabled a male has pins exposed and female no pins just sockets. Does anyone have pictures on the few connections I have to make
asked Jan 31 in Ram by Robert Laurie (820 points)

1 Answer

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Pretty simple:


1- Yellow wire from evo-start2 antenna cable goes to ignition.


2- Plug blue connector from evo-start antenna cable into the blue connector of the rfa2a.


3- Plug the black connector with the clip from the t-harness into the black connector of the fra2a.


4- Plug the remaining black connector from the rfa2a into the data link port of the evo.


answered Jan 31 by Derek (151,130 points)
That is how I have it but the install sheets call the connectors male and female (MALE pins are exposed and female pin not exposed) and they have it backwards and TY TY for confirming!!! Been doing electronics for 37 yrs mabe time to retire LOL


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