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Installing EVO CHRT5 Stand Alone on 2007 jeep compass and wont start; can't find +Starter wire on 5 pin Conector?

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I am installing an EVO-CHRT5 Stand alone preloaded on my daughter's 2007 jeep compass limited, with installation guide (F) and can't find + starter wire on 5 pin conector under steering wheel. It suposed to be the 2nd pin out of 5 of the black conector. Installed everything else and completed program sequence. when close vehicle and pressed 3 times the lock, it flashes back, sound one horn of acknowledge; even hear the fuel pump priming, lights on dash light up but no start. Contacted seller and told me to follow instalation guide (F) from Fortin site. Have tried disconecting plugs and reprograming module sequence and does the same; NO START. Need help please. Thanks
asked Jan 30 in Jeep by Javier Solla Rivera (130 points)

1 Answer

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If you have the five pin plug without the Start+ wire then use guide C.
answered Jan 31 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,100 points)
I used guide C and still in the same issue. All lights turns, perform cycle and wont start. Noticed a yellow and red light on module, following with a blue, perform cycle like will start and nothing. Don't know what else could be. Still thinking that is missing a connection to the starter.
If its "preloaded", you will have to check options. These are usually sent wrong since done by third party. Fortin requires the Flash Link Updater for install.