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2017 Accord "Auto" headlights, Door lock/unlock. EVO-ONE

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i am looking forward to installing the EVO ONE with T-Harness in my 2017 Accord CVT Standard Key.  i keep my car's headlights set to "Auto"  i know the headlights will turn on automatically if i remote start the car BUT, will the lights automatically turn off if the remote start timed out or if i turned off my car with the remote?

2.can the EVO-ONE be programmed to press unlock once to unlock all doors?

3.will my car's door auto lock/unlock when i turn the key in the ignition ON or OFF?

4.will the EVO-ONE need to be re-programmed if my car battery dies or the car battery gets disconnected?
asked Jan 29, 2019 in Honda by Ed S (130 points)

1 Answer

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1.Yes 2.Yes 3. That is a setting you can decide 4. No
answered Jan 30, 2019 by Mike M (9,820 points)