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Adding Linkr LT-2 RF antenna to EVO-All

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EVO-ALL (T-harness) with Linkr LT-2 RF antenna

2009 AUDI A4 with key-port, auto transmission


In order to communicate with the remote starter, the Telematic device must be learned to the EVO-ALL.
1- Disconnect the 4 pin power connector from the Evo-All.
2- Press and Hold the Programming button on the Evo-All while plugging back the Black 4 pin connector.
3- The LED’s on the Evo-All will begin to cycle. Keep pressing the programming button until the RED &
BLUE LED’s are On.
4- Release the programming button.
5- Press & Hold the programming button again for 5 seconds until the BLUE & RED LED’s comes back On.
6- Release the programming button and Cycle the ignition to the ON position.
7- The RED, YELLOW & BLUE LED’s will be ON.
8- At that same moment the RED & BLUE LED’s will blink once to confirm that the MyCar ID has been
learned to the Evo-All.
9- Cycle the vehicle’s ignition to the OFF position to Exit EVO-ALL programming

I can not get red, yellow, blue leds on after cycle ignition on. Only Red and Blue leds are on.

Selected C1, D1, H2 settings for evo-all. Not sure if I need to connect another wire from harness

So the app will not lock,unlock,start,stop.

The Linkr LT app is downloaded on phone, account created, added car. The RF antenna red, green leds are solid/connected to network.

The app antenna icon is green, voltage battery icon is green and shows voltage. Select GPS icon and shows current vehicle location.

asked Jan 28 in Audi by MaddMan (250 points)
edited Jan 30 by MaddMan

1 Answer

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try with the Purple/Yellow (igniiton out) connected to the Yellow (ignition In).
answered Jan 28 by Robb (211,430 points)
UPDATE: I reset evo-all, updated settings, decrypted. Remote start works with factory key fob.


Red,Yellow, blue leds'   lit up when cycled ignition on. The Red and Blue led's flashed 3 times after I turned off ignition. Than all 3 led's turned off. Not sure if this means it is programmed?

I tried Linkr app on cell phone. But no lock,unlock, start, stop.

I turned on setting B2 on evo-all for RF anntena, didn't make a difference for step 8.

phone app protocol is set: fortin    Not sure if I should try others?

Not sure what to try next?