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Starts but wont wait for the grid heater to come ON

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FIXED AND WORKING almost, now with a diesel mode D1.3 selected and flashed and saved checked 3 times the truck will start but didnt wait for the grid heater to come on started right away!!!!


LOOKS like I have to downgrade firmware to 0.36 only need to know if this can be done without a master reset?
asked Jan 26, 2019 in Ram by Robert Laurie (910 points)
edited Jan 27, 2019 by Robert Laurie

1 Answer

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OK there is no 74.36 firmware so I went with the install sheet which tell you to use 74.29 min. So now I am at

Hardware 6
Firmware 74.[29]
And still no delay in engine start with diesel D1.3 ON and 30 min run time
answered Jan 27, 2019 by Robert Laurie (910 points)
OK tech support just gave me the bad news, the EVO ALL is a poor choice for the RAM diesel, you are stuck with a short delay 10 sec and thats about it. there is a BETA firmwre at the bottom on the page in flash link that will give you around 14 sec delay I may try but the key decrip only gives you 3 shots and you have to call and get it unlocked and my take 48 hours to do it. SO buy an EVO ONE and save you time and problems


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