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2018 ram 1500 eco diesel not starting after programing

0 votes
Went through the programming and key bypass all correctly, all the lights and steps were correct and followed in order. Connected back to the truck closed the doors and tested and did not start. Installed per guide 74031. I’m thinking I might need a different guide but don’t know which to use. Standard key, ecodiesel, wanting to use the unit as a remote start.
asked Jan 23 in Ram by Andrew Bird (130 points)
edited Jan 24 by Andrew Bird

1 Answer

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Did you plug in the data cable first, and if you did did the blue LED light up?
answered Jan 29 by Robert Laurie (820 points)
I did it per the instructions, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve messed with it. The blue light did come on when the remote buttons were pressed


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