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Module programs successfully but does not remote start, what am I missing?

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2008 Ford Edge, standard key


Module programs successfully in the vehicle with 2 keys: dash lights come on, red LED flashes, blue LED flashes, and dash lights go off.
Blue LED blinks when lock 3x is pressed on remote, nothing else happens, no other lights.


Just need remote start; don't need any other optional features.


T harness is connected to ignition cylinder (both T connectors).

Yellow (A1), Lt.Blue/Black (A10), Lt.Blue (A20) from the 20-pin connector are correctly 

connected to matching color wires on T harness.
CAN High (C3) and CAN Low (C4) correctly connected from 4-pin connector to ODB-II connector.
It would not program before connecting all 5 of these wires, now programming completes successfully; still does not remote start.

What am I missing?


closed with the note: Anthony Wilkinson's answer resolved the issue.
asked Jan 22 in Ford by Fred OConnor (210 points)
closed Jan 23 by Fred OConnor

1 Answer

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If the blue led is flashing this is good. Next verify that options C1 & D1 have been turned ON.
answered Jan 22 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,100 points)
selected Jan 23 by Robb
Great, that worked. Thank you Anthony.
I did not check the options in FlashLink at first since the module I purchased was described as "Plug and Play, Pre-loaded, 3x Lock Capable."
Thanks again,