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EVO-CHRT5 For Jeep Patriot 2008 I have factory fob, do I have to buy a separate remote starter or RFkit to make it work?

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Hello all pro! Hi there, I bought EVO-CHRT5 (T-harness Included) for my Jeep Patriot 2008, my question is, do I have to buy a separate remote starter to be able to make it work? Im looking at the T-harness stand alone installation ( connection ) would this be the right connection for my Jeep? Yes my Jeep has a factory remote fob, but my problem looking at the stand alone wiring diagram is that one connector belong from T-harness ( black, 4 pin w/black and red blue white ) went to RF kit remote starter. do i have to buy this RF kit? can i just go along without making up this RF kit connection? And lastly the A2 and A3 from 20 pin EVO module which is the lock/unlock and the A13 start/stop, I bleieve this is an input which supposed to be connected from the vehicle lock/unlock door out put. but the A13 start/stop of 20 pin EVO ALL module where would this be connected from the vehicle? Also Im aware about the update and programming procedure I do have the the flash link updater im gonna be okay with that, Im just really confuse if i do have to buy a separate remote starter or RF kit to make my command start work. I  hope someone can enlighten me Thank You so much !
asked Jan 22 in Jeep by Rogelio Abraham (190 points)

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