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It's official, EVO-ALL NIST1 is useless

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I've tried everything. Resets/reprogramming, wires connected/not connected... when it's all said and done I have a t-harness that seems to work, brake lights come on - dash shows the 'push brake' icon and it never starts. Nothing. Lights flash 3 times and it's done.

2016 Juke AWD CVT.

What a waste of my time and money.
asked Jan 20 in Nissan by Eric Laing (320 points)

1 Answer

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EVO-NIST1 is installed in thousands of vehicle. Give a quick call to technical support when you are in the vehicle and ready to make test, this is a very easy installation.
answered Jan 21 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (49,620 points)
I understand that, but if it's as simple as a t-harness and connecting the PTS wire, why won't mine start after so much 'help' on this Q&A forum? I honestly think my unit is defective. We'll see. If and when I can get in touch with 'tech support'.
Atleast they answered yours unlike mine
So your tech support is closed on Saturdays. That's awesome. I work, Monday to Friday and I do NOT have access to the car until 6pm MT (8pmEST) and I leave for work at about 6amMT (8amEST), so I now have to take a day off work so I can call your support to go through EVERYTHING I've already done twice? I think it's not disabling my immobilizer. I have all proper voltages etc and still nothing. Simple t-harness with connecting one PTS wire. How simple. But it DOESN'T WORK!


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