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Cannot program module with ground (A8 dark blue) connected to ground.

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I can program the module successfully when the dark blue (A8) is NOT connected to ground, but remote start does not work, no lights.

When I connect the dark blue (A8) to ground, the module will not program.

What is the problem?
asked Jan 19 in Ford by Fred OConnor (210 points)

1 Answer

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A8 should not be connected to ground for programming.... what are you trying to do ? What product in what vehicle ? What is the service number on the module.
answered Jan 21 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (49,620 points)
The service number is: 001A06856795
I'm going by Step #5 in Troubleshooting Guide #34451: 2 Key Programming>> Module programmed correctly=Yes>> Vehicle does not remote start>> Red led illuminates=No>> Verify the ground...
Gude #34451 was my best guess since the module is labeled Evo-All and the package is labeled Evo-Fort1.
Step #5 seems to be saying that the dark blue A8 needs to be grounded in this scenario.

When I press Lock 3X the blue light flashes each time but nothing else happens.


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