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Dodge Dart Manual Transmission 1 Key

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2013 Dodge Dart Manual Transmission with only 1 Key. I know the Key is Disabled when Remote Start is Enabled. Without buying a RF-Kit. Can you use the Key to unlock the car and take over with no issues? Or does that unit have to see the Unlock command from the remote?

Second question: To have the car in Ready Mode "Press Brake, Emergency Brake, Release Brake" will the Remote be functional to Lock the car once you exit? I didnt know with the "Press Brake, Emergency Brake, Release Brake" if the car continues to run until you lock it or not without installing and testing.
asked Jan 16 in Dodge by Josh Stratton (260 points)
edited Jan 16 by Josh Stratton

1 Answer

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No you can't use the key to unlock from exterior door. engine will shutdown when door open.


No, when the engine is running you won't be able to lock the doors.


RFKIT is required.
answered Jan 18 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (50,010 points)
selected Jan 18 by Josh Stratton