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Instructions for yellow/green wire mod for using t harness in pre2010 chrysler/jeep products

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I have had no success and I see others have also met this problem and can't program their units. In the fortin app for Android it finally said canbus could be weak or backwards (the usual) OR that the modification wasn't made to the male side of the t harness where (don't quote me on this) you cut the yellow wire on the male side, add the (d1) yellow/green from your evo unit (from what I gather to the male side of the plug going back into the car side ) BUT . It says to refer to the installation manual for instructions (I've checked every version of the instructions and I cannot find this d1 wire used in any scenario). I really hope someone can illuminate this mod. Thank you
asked Jan 15 in Jeep by Barry woznica (190 points)

1 Answer

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It looks the yellow wire is cut by the ingintion barrel plug and D1 is connect to yellow wire going into the ingintion barrel plug. The other side of yellow wire is capped off. You can see this on bottom of page 4. https://fortin.ca/download/46671/evo-all_ig_thr_bi_chr4-win_d_46671.pdf
answered Jan 15 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,100 points)
edited Jan 15 by Anthony Wilkinson