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Evo-FORT4 won't program

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I am trying to install an EVO-FORT4 with t-harness on a 2012 Ford F150. Programmed to firmware v71.47

After connecting t-harness and plugging in the OBD connector, I try to program the EVO. While holding the program button, im plugging in the power connector and releasing the program button when the red and blue lights illuminate. Then connecting all remaining connectors.

Then I insert key 1 for 3 seconds, then key 2, then back to key 1. The red and blue lights stay illuminated and no other lights illuminate. /

Any ideas on what is wrong?
asked Jan 12, 2019 in Ford by Josh Howard (130 points)

1 Answer

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Timing is crucial when doing the following steps. When the key is turned to the on position count 3 door chimes as a indicator for proper timing. when you get back to inserting key #1 for the second time you will hear the door locks in the vehicle cycle on their own. This is confirmation that you have entered programming mode in the vehicle.
answered Jan 13, 2019 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,120 points)
If you don't hear door locks, their are a few reason this will not be happening. 1-The timing was wrong. Disconnect the module and start the programming over. 2-You do not have 2 master keys or you have a cloned key with the same I.D. as the first key used. To enter the programming you must have 2 master keys with their own I.D. programmed to the vehicle's BCM prior to programming. 3-The vehicles BCM has been locked by the dealer against entering programming mode to program new keys. This can only be changed by a dealer using a dealer scan tool. Even with the module disconnected you should be able to cycle the keys as shown in the guide and get the vehicle to enter programming mode. 4- Sometimes the ignition will stay stuck on during programming. If this is the case try going through the programming BUT leave the RED connector D unplugged from the module and re do the programming from start to finish. 5- Key sense Another common issue with FORD vehicles is that they Key Sense drops out intermittently. This is a problem with the vehicle its self and not the module. Test the key sense wire you have connected. It should read 0 volts key out and 12 volts key in the ignition as well as 12 volts key on. If at any time they voltage drops out then there is a problem in the vehicle itself.
Thanks for the info. After running through the programming, the doors lock then unlock but the red and blue lights stay solid.
Got it figured out. Didn't have the yellow wire from the 20 pin connected to the purple/yellow wire on the t-harness.

Had to connect those and go back through the programming with the red plug left unplugged. Programmed fine then connected the red plug and everything works as it should.

Thanks for your help!
@Josh, Thanks for posting your solution to this issue.

I just had the exact same thing happen to me when attempting to program my keys on my 2015 F250.

I never even noticed the key sense connection in the schematic until I Googled my problem and found your post.

Thanks again.