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Do I need anything else other than the EVO-ONE to remote start a 2012 Hyundai Veracruz (US) Standard key?

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I have just installed the EVO-ONE into a 2012 Hyundai Veracruz (US) standard key. I saw that there is an option to remote start with the 3X OEM key. This is not working. IS there something that needs to be changed in the parameters, or a RF kit that needs to be installed to enable this feature?
asked Jan 10, 2019 in Hyundai by Christopher Violette (140 points)

1 Answer

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Unit is not listed with 3x lock for your vehicle. Which means an RF is required which is also listed. You will also not be able to use OEM remote while vehicle is remote started.
answered Jan 11, 2019 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,120 points)
Will the unlock and lock feature be usable on a rf kit with this car?