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I am asking this question again as the last answer simply asked for my number and I provided it and received nofurther assistance.

I have made it successfully through all stages of installment. I repeat successfully through all stages of installment. The blue light flashes rapidly after the test to confirm my Can/Data/Immo connections are good. Also my hood is not open. Thanks for your assistance. This seems like a great product it just should have a troubleshooting guide for problems and how to fix them without going back and forth over the internet for days at a time. Thanks for all your help guys.001a06886522
asked Jan 8, 2019 in Honda by Paul Patterson (160 points)

1 Answer

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The car won't start at all with the push button? Hoping you have the Evo One? Assuming you have the T harness? Guessing automatic?
answered Jan 8, 2019 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,120 points)
the car will start as intended from the factory having a keyfob in the vehicle and pressing the push start. the car will not start remotely as the product was sold as being able to accomplish. I am thinking it would be easier to return the product and pay a local alarm installer to put in a remote start.