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Wired correctly, works, but dash goes nuts.

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I have a 2014 ram 1500 with a tip key. I have the chrt6 evo all. Everything is hooked up correctly. But after it’s started the check engine light now is on and a bunch of other light come on including the TPMS, traction control, saying my fuel gauge sensor is bad. Blinker light on the dash not working. Etc...  The directions call for a diode but doesn’t show where to put it in the schematics. Is this my issue? PLEASE HELP!
asked Jan 7 in Ram by Loren Malcom (160 points)

1 Answer

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The diode is for none standalone unit as seen here https://fortin.ca/download/29301/evo-all_ig_thr_bi_chr6-ram_2013_key_e_29301.pdf You only used one ingnition wire? You have a choice of two but only use one. You have your resistor installed? You could try the diode on ingnition wire seen above to see if that fixes issue.
answered Jan 8 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,080 points)
I have the resistor installed on the wire to the lights. I have the can hi and low connected. I have the ignition wire connected, foot brake wire and the door pin wire. What would the diode do?

Also. That diagram seems different than the one I have. Seen here https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/31951/evo-all_ig_tsa_bi_chr6-ram_2013-2014_tipkey_e_31951.pdf

The one I link to is non standalone, meaning it uses a different remote starter. I only referenced it to show you if the diode was used, where it would go. The diode job would be to protect the remote starter. It wouldn't get 12v only send 12v. But the Evo All is Probley protected internally, and that may be why its not installed.
Could it be the foot brake wire that was installed making my dash go nuts. I think I’ll put the diode in anyways. No harm no foul right!?
Did the issue get fixed with a diode?
Had same issue unplugged my Aftermarket electric brake controller and fixed the crazy dash lights issue