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How do I install EVO-ALL FORT3 on 2018 Mustang?

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Hello, I am really having some trouble with this product.

So I ordered the preprogrammed plug and play Evo-Fort3 with T-Harness, with the StandAlone I believe.

I have updated the programmer with the flashlink system but my main question is, can I just simply install it into the car once updated with JUST the T-Harness and connected wires? Or do I actually have to cut and sauter all the other wires included in the package? Including the hood pin and switch?

I was under the impression off your website when looking into this that I could just install it immediately with what was given instead of having to turn into a car genius and cutting all these wires.

Please help me out here man. Thanks.

I have installed it multiple times through the back of the OBD11 port just as the unit comes as a whole and got through some programming until I go to try the remote start, then it flashes red then both red and orange and clicks but car does not start.
asked Jan 7 in Ford by Kevin Melone (410 points)

1 Answer

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You must connect all other wire and turn into a car genius. This install is not easy and you should maybe ask a car genius to do the install !
answered Jan 7 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (50,060 points)
selected Jan 8 by Kevin Melone
Damn right brother


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