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EVO-ALL NIST1 no start, press brake light on.

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I've done SOOOOOOOOO much searching and nothing has helped. 2016 Juke PTS T-harness, everything connected properly (verified voltage and connected PTS wire (black/white A19)). Brake lights come on after my programmed lock-lock-lock, Fortin clicks a few times (relays inside) but car won't start then the red LED blinks 3 times and that's it.

The entire time the amber dash 'press brake' icon is displayed.

Thinking I have now wasted my money buying this starter that after about a month of trying to install still does not work.
asked Jan 6, 2019 in Nissan by Eric Laing (270 points)

1 Answer

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Check your D6 pin for brake signal. You can trace it with this guide https://fortin.ca/download/71841/evo-all_ig_reg_bi_nis-juke_pts_2011_a_71841.pdf
answered Jan 7, 2019 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,120 points)
That's all fine and dandy to trace with wiring but it's all through the T-harness. So to me if there's no 'brake signal' that would indicate the T-harness is not wired properly.

I will check for a +12 on D6 at the connector (brake switch) when the weather isn't so crappy.

Also, I have read many things about having to cut the yellow wire for automatic transmissions yet the manual says nothing about this.

This is a NIST1 in standalone mode.
The evo all doesn't look like it has a yellow loop to cut for auto, this is for the Evo One.
D6 shows voltage then drops it off. So that seems to be working.

I really just think this thing is a piece of crap I wasted my money on. Should NOT be this hard to simply unplug a few connectors and reconnect to have this thing work.

edit: And why are there soooo  many different guides for the same car/options? I have read through about 6 now and most are the same but with different wires/locations. Also, my kick panel for parking lights has no colour coded connectors - they are all white FYI.

So I now wonder how many wires got mesed up with your T-harness if the manual(s) are all different for the same car.

edit edit: I also noticed that if I'm in the car and press the brake after the lock-lock-lock cycle the 'press brake' light will only flash for a brief moment (not even a second) so to me that seems like the unit is NOT sending a start signal yet I have verified the voltage on the PTS wire...weird.
I have also master reset the unit, reprogrammed it for my key, called your supposed tech support that went to voicemail (at 3pm your time Saturday) and haven't heard back from them either.

This is such a dissapointment.

Perhaps it's something stupid like you have our door pin wire as negative not positive or reversed who knows.

Nobody is helping. Good stuff!
I had the sane trouble with the THAR-NIS1. You will have to verify the brake connector as the 12v and ground from the car were placed on the top row of the connector. The thar-nis1 has the white/blue and the white/red wire are on the bottom of the connector. The solution is to switch the top row wires with the bottom row ones on the 2 harness connectors. You will have to unclip the yellow clips on the back of the connectors and with a small screwdriver unclip the male and female connectors in order to switch them. You were right, for the money we pay for a harness we shoul have something better in return. Have a great day.
Thanks Adrian for the tip. Swap the pins works for me also. I was having the same problem with 2017 Inifiniti QX70S. I swap the male white/red with the orange wires and male white/blue with the light blue wires from the bottom row to the top and did the same swap at the femal connector that plug into the brake switch.
dont have to swap the pins.

Swap the RL connector being used. The difference RL1 and RL2 is pin placement at the brake switch.