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2009 Santa Fe doesn't crank

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I have installed the EVO-One in a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe using guide # 18501.

Based on the pictures/information from WireColor, I added the wires for Lock,Unlock,Arm,Disarm,Horn,ParkingLights.

I'm using an RF641W kit.  I can lock/unlock the doors with the RF641W remote.  When I try to start the engine, the dash and parking lights turn on.  There is a click in the engine compartment, but the engine doesn't crank. The dash lights go out, and the parking lights flash once.

It looks like the T-Harness must connect the White Wire from the main EVO connector to the 2nd Accessory power line on the Key connector.  Is this needed?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
asked Jan 3 in Hyundai by Terry Fisher (130 points)

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