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Bypass Programming for 2010 Ford F150 not working.

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I purchased an EVO-ALL kit with a crimestopper unit from MPC, and I have confirmed all wiring connections with a multimeter.  I am able to remote start the vehicle when I hold a key up to the truck immobilizer ring in the ignition, but I am not able to perform the bypass programming successfully.  I have two factory keys, one is a 40-bit S-type, the other is an 80-bit SA-type.  The instructions I recieved from MPC do not call for the D connector on the EVO-ALL to be wired, however the standard installation instructions on Fortin's website for a 2009-2010 Ford F150 call for using the D connector when doing 2-key programming.  Should I wire this connector in order for the bypass programming to be successfull?
asked Jan 3 in Ford by Brian Murphy (180 points)

1 Answer

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UPDATE: rx and tx wires were crossed. Truck will now remote start on 3x oem lock, but won't shutdown when brake pedal is pressed and it also randomly starts.
answered Jan 7 by Brian Murphy (180 points)


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