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Check engine light on with codes when using remote start

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Hello, installed evo-one in my wife's 2005 Yukon. directions very good with the exception of step three when hooking up E1 (+)Ignition2 - White wire & E2 (+)Accessory - Orange wire.

Identified six-pin connector to the left of the steering column. Cavities & wire guage do not correspond. Contacted associate at Chevrolet dealer, looked up schematic and confirmed/identified th following;

Cavity "A" is "Ignition 3 Voltage" - orange wire

Cavity "B" is "Right Turn Signal Switch signal" - Light Green wire

Cavity "C" is "Left Turn Signal Switch signal" - Dark Green wire

Cavity "D" is "Hazard Switch signal" - White wire

Cavity "E" is "Off/Run/Crank Voltage" - yellow wire

Cavity "F" is " Accessory Voltage" ​- Brown wire 

Connected E1 (+)Ignition2 - White wire to Cavity "E" - "Off/Run/Crank Voltage" 

Connected E2 (+)Accessory - Orange wire to Cavity "F" is "AccessoryVoltage" ​- Brown.

Vehicle starts and dies with the remote start and sets several body codes.

Changed connection of E1 (+)Ignition2 - White wire to Cavity "A" - "Ignition 3 Voltage" - orange wire. Every thing seems to work but still getting check engine light with remote start - up to eight codes, 

Open Torque Converter clutch circuit

Shift timing solenoid

Open Torque Converter clutch pressure control solenoid circuit

O2 sensor heater circuit open

Seems I may need to jumper a voltage feed to Cavity "E" - "Off/Run/Crank Voltage"  for remote starting operation? Please advise

Regards, Bob

asked Jan 3, 2019 in GMC by Bob Z. (160 points)

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