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2016 Escape No Lock after start

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     My evo-all (FORT4 T Harness) is installed and working with my fob. However, I would like my car to lock and arm or at least lock after it’s started. If I enable D2 the car gives me the error (no key detected) and does not crank. If I enable D5 (Lock Door After Start), the car will start then the “Door Ajar” message pops up, horn begins to alarm and the car shuts down. My configuration is exactly as the install guide suggests, the lock and unlock wires are tapped and the door switch wire is spliced into the module (properly polarized). I have not installed break lights or any other optional functionality.

Any suggestions? I need rap functionality and arm disarm of factory alarm so reattaching the door pin wires to each other is not really an option.


Door ajar sensor works works correctly without those options enabled and works properly any other time.
asked Jan 1 in Ford by Benjamin Tancl (190 points)

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