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2005 Toyota Tacoma evo one starts up then dies

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I have a evo one installed on a 2005 Toyota Tacoma, all programming went as described in the install guide.  Truck starts then dies after about 6 seconds. Flashes parking lights 4 times after shutdown.  Manual says that is because of no tach signal.  I have option 20 set to tactless engine monitoring. My yellow wire loop is cut for my automatic transmission and valet mode is off.  I have tried different older firmware versions on bypass and remote start sides.  I have tried other options with no success.  I have also tried key in the ignition with ignition off  and doors closed.  I’m using guide 58481. I bought fortin RF kit and programmed remotes.  All functions work as desired but truck does not continue to run for the period of desired run time.


i have not tried reversing tx and rx wires.

i have not tried ignition set to on with the key, then remote starting.
asked Dec 31, 2018 in Toyota by Bret McKinney (190 points)

1 Answer

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Try option 20.2 and 3.1.
answered Dec 31, 2018 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,120 points)
edited Dec 31, 2018 by Anthony Wilkinson
Why will increasing the crank time help?  Won’t that just leave the starter engaged too long? I suppose the anti grind setting should be set to starter kill?  I will try these settings but I’m kinda skeptical that it will help.
Not one of those setting have a effect on crank time. Option 3 is just a tach sensitivity.. Option 20.2 is a tach by voltage vs CAN. Not one of them makes starter run longer.... Where did you get that crank time would run longer???
I have not made it home yet to try those settings.  Option 3 in the remote start options says “increase / decrease crank time.”.  What you must be saying is that in the tactless mode in option 20 changes option 3 to voltage sensitivity?   If that’s the case you probably fixed my problem because I’m sure that will work! Thanks for the help!
Just tried those options and it is the same result.  Option 3 in all 6 tactless sensitivity’s and it appears that the crank time changes.  Sometimes not even starting the rig.  What do I try now.  I trued reversing tx and rx wires modul will not program.  My wiring must be correct?
i tried backing down the firmware seemed to give me the same issue.  If anyone else has any input it would be greatly appreciated!
I think your wiring is correct because I am having the same issue with a 2009 model
I have tried just about all that I know how to do to keep this thing running but nothing seems to help. I did find that after remote starting the vehicle and pressing panic mode ( holding lock butten till parking lights flash) would yield about 15 seconds more run time before dieing.  I tested charging voltage and found that the charging voltage (running idle 13.5) was not a lot higher than static voltage ( stopped and sitting for several hours 12.5). Ambient tempature and other factors could cause voltage fluctuation.  In my research I have found that Toyota’s in general charge at a slightly lower voltage than most cars.  I think all this leads me to believe that the tactless setting that I’m trying to use is using charging voltage to see if the vehicle is running.  In turn the remote start can’t make heads or tails over a single volt to tell if the car is running or not. Thus shutting it down! Remote start option 3 in programming sets the crank time even in tactless mode...  I need a voltage checking sensitivity setting. I will try remote starting with battery charger charging at 14.5 volts to see if my car continues to run. Obviousily the charger will have to be turned on just after the rig starts.   I will let you know my findings.  Please keep posting your findings!!!!
So tech support got back to me today and I talked to him about the settings and wiring. The guide for install can not be used as a wire to wire wiring guide on the main ignition circuit.  The ignition options can change depending on how the ignition option is configured depending on what rig it goes in. Long story short my wiring is wrong.