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No Start 2012 Ford Fusion SEL

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I purchased a Fortin EVO-ALL FORT4 for my wife's 2012 Ford Fusion SEL. I have tried programing the unit with 2 keys which did not appear to work. I am now using a single key along with the flashlink DCryptor software. Programing on the car side seems to complete as described in the directions. I have connected the unit to the PC via the flashlink and ran DCrytor sucessfully. When reinstalled on the car I press the lock button 3x and car does not start. The blue light on the unit blinks the first 2 time i press the lock button. The 3rd time the red light flashes 5 times and car does not start.

I have udated the firmware to 71.[47] and I have made sure D1 and D1.10 are both enabled. I have also tried enabling D2 to bypass factory alarm. When tested, the unit does not attempt to unlock the car before starting. I still end up with the red light flashing 5 times

Here is a list of the settings I am using. Please advise how to proceed. Thanks

A1 - A11 = ON
A12 - B3 = OFF
C1 = ON
D1 = ON (D1.6 & D1.10 ON all other D1 options are OFF)
D2 = ON
D3 - H6 = OFF


After going back over the instructions i turned off A5 and D2. Directions also stated that 5 blinks of the red light meant that the hood was open. The hoodpin wire was grounded out. Corrected the problem and now the car starts after 3x lock
closed with the note: Corrected the problem myself
asked Dec 28, 2018 in Ford by Brandon Biniecki (130 points)
closed Dec 29, 2018 by Brandon Biniecki