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5 amp ignition fuse blowes every time the car is shut off.

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I have installed the EVO-FORT1 in a 2015 Ford Focus. Now after the car is shut off either with the remote or key the 5 amp ignition fuse will blow. I have secured all the unsed wire ends and tied everything up. The only things that needed to be connected was the T- harness and the two datalink wires. Is it possible to have a bad interface module or do I need to wire in a relay to the module?

I dont have the servce number because the module is installed under the dash.
asked Dec 28, 2018 in Ford by Kenny Smith (130 points)

1 Answer

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Connect wires E3 and E4. Assuming its an Evo One unit.
answered Dec 28, 2018 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,090 points)
It is an EVO FORT1 and there is no plug going into the E connector location. I believe mine get power and ground from the B connector.
Ok looks like you have to do the warning on top of page 4.
Thank you, that is what I thought I would need to do. I will cut the red wire (B4) and run a 10 amp powered fuse to it and then cut the black (B3) wire and connect it to ground. Thanks for your help!


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