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Nissan Rogue 2014 Push to start - Blue light does not flash when start pushed

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Following the steps. Program button pressed when data plug in. Stop on blue.

Blue stays solid. Plug in rest of plugs.

Press start once (no brake pedal) and all Evo-all module lights turn off. Nothing else happens. This is where the blue LED should flash three times, but it does not.

When I press stop again (after waiting a bit) blue light goes on solid.

Testing remote start (press 3 times) nothing happens. Blue light stays on.No remote start occurs. On a side note, it did flood the Car with gas, as I heard the feul pump run and had to hold hte starter down for almost a minute to clear it.

Bought as part of T-harness kit Evo-NIST3.

Also, Do I need to install Hood switch and valet lock if I have an Evo-all and Fortin T-Harness?"

Service # 001A06859857

Firm v 4.18

Hardware ver 6
Date 10/2018
asked Dec 23, 2018 in Nissan by Tom Tinney (180 points)
edited Dec 26, 2018 by Tom Tinney

1 Answer

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Your EVOALL must be updated to the minimum version located on page 1 of your install guide.

You will also need the Flashlink updater to do the Dcryptor process.
answered Dec 28, 2018 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (57,460 points)